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For the Love of Butter: Sarah Mattinson Archond, Olive Cafe'

Updated: 4 days ago

Meet Sarah Mattinson, the culinary powerhouse behind Olive Bakery & Cafe in San Diego's vibrant Mission Beach. In a heartwarming conversation, Sarah shares her incredible journey through the pandemic, turning adversity into an opportunity to uplift her community. Discover how her heartfelt dedication led her to deliver free meals to vulnerable seniors, a touching act that landed her a spot on the Kelly Clarkson show—an emotional recognition of her unwavering commitment.

As Vice President of both the Mission Beach Town Council and the San Diego Chapter of the California Restaurant Association, Sarah embodies true inspiration for everyone around her. Loved by the community, Sarah delves into her childhood influences that shaped her into the remarkable entrepreneur she is today. Join us as we explore her culinary passion, celebrating a mutual love for butter and even taking a delightful kitchen adventure together—whipping up delectable two-ingredient English Muffins!


2 Ingredient English Muffins

Self-Rising Flour (if you don't have self rising, use this recipe below): 

1.5 cups of all-purpose flour

1.5 teaspoons of baking powder

1 tsp of salt (you can adjust down if you like)

Greek Yogurt: 1.25 cups of Greek yogurt

Olive Oil (or veg oil) 2TB

Ghee or butter (2TB)


Large Bowl

Cutting board (or other surface to roll them out)

Large saucepan

Dry Cup Measures

Measuring spoons

Sifter or fine strainer


Rubber Spatula

  • Add dry ingredients into the sifter/strainer and shake out into a bowl.

  • Add Greek yogurt using a plastic spatula to get all the good stuff out.

  • Combine with a fork until all of the flour is incorporated. 

  • Work with your hands to form a ball and roll it around to capture all the flour.

  • Use a little more Greek yogurt if it is too dry and cannot form a ball.

  • Roll the ball around and then pick it up and roll it in your hands. 

  • Divide the ball into eight equal parts and roll each of those into small balls

  • Press down with the palm of your hand or the back of a spatula

  • Place into a pan with a little hot olive oil and butter/ghee and about three shakes of salt into the bottom of the pan (helps prevent sticking).

  • Fry the muffins on each side until they are golden brown.

  • Reduce heat and allow muffins to cook fully (you can finish in a hot oven if you like).

  • Store for up to two days in a brown paper sack in a cool dry area.

Sarah Mattinson Archond's Biography

In the community of Mission Beach, our next Guest is quite a legend. She is the owner and operator of Olive Bakery and Olive Cafe’ here in San Diego. Her cafe is standing room only at lunch most days, while her bakery is so popular the shelves are nearly empty by early afternoon. 

In addition to being a remarkable business owner, Sarah is the Vice President of the Mission Beach Town Council, and she is Vice President of the board of Directors for the California Restaurant Association San Diego Chapter and the City of San Diego’s small business advisory Board.

She was instrumental in stepping up during the pandemic. Without hesitation, she helped set up free grocery delivery to seniors, including donated food items. She rushed to fill her bakery with essential items the community needed when other grocery shelves were empty. She did so from her heart, instead of profiteering by selling a roll of toilet paper for nine dollars, she sold it for .75 cents. 

Sarah grew up in New York and often talks about how the local deli was such an integral part of the community. 

She moved to California and attended the University of San Diego, where she majored in business with an emphasis on purchasing and procurement. Mattinson explained that two classes, in particular, helped her start her business: Negotiations and Women In Management. She opened her own cafe in 2005 and later opened a bakery across the street in 2015. Mattinson’s Cafe now supplies several other local restaurants in Mission and Pacific beaches.

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